CATSTAFF is a division of One Source that specializes in utilizing experienced restoration laborers to assist contractors throughout the United States. With offices in Kansas City, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Dallas and NJ/ NYC, CATSTAFF can respond at a moment’s notice.

With CATSTAFF, no job is too large or too small. We’ve assisted contractors with jobs as small as basement floods to entire homes. Our TEAM also has experience with large factory, hotel and restaurant fires. CATSTAFF is the name to count on when it comes to disasters too…whether it’s widespread flooding, hurricane force winds, tornados or any type of clean up needed, we will be there. You can count on CATSTAFF.

CATSTAFF experience consists of but is not limited to demolition, mold remediation, document cleaning, content and structure cleaning and deodorization, HVAC cleaning, pack-outs and pack-ins, operation of scissor and boom lifts, scaffolding, forklift and bobcat operation, administrative assistance for large-scale emergency work, etc. We’ve also assisted customers with numerous emergency mitigation procedures.

CATSTAFF has become a trusted source for experienced restoration labor since 2004. Please let us be your source for all your restoration labor needs. It’s a simple process to get started with our company, please contact Dean Tangeman at 913-915-9358, and make sure you are set up and ready for the next time you need some experienced restoration labor. CATSTAFF welcomes you, and we look forward to earning your business.